This is an entry-level management position with a starting salary of $47,000 + bonus opportunities.


  • Leads management of 5+ Client Success Managers
  • Responsible for team’s Key Performance Indicators (Services KPIs: Retention & Meetings)
  • Facilitate client extensions & expansions with CSMs
  • Provide accountability on execution & efficiency of key behaviors, which drive KPI’s
  • Provide accountability on execution of weekly client outreach strategy between CSMs, COMs, & Editors.
  • Review weekly client progress and providing constructive strategy feedback towards client goals and performance
  • Review 2+ client calls each week and provide specific feedback and development to individual CSMs
  • Facilitate weekly training through Lessonly, shared outside content, or role-play practice sessions
  • Handle client escalation issues from team’s client base
  • Work with Accounts Receivable to facilitate prompt and accurate client billing
  • Provide growth specific feedback & positive reinforcement to CSM team
  • Mentorship and development of Client Success Managers through weekly 1:1’s
  • Facilitate all initial training for the new CSMs joining the team


  • Grit, Creativity, & Organization
  • Clear understanding of personal development
  • Experience independently learning new things
  • Deep experience with giving & receiving feedback (Radical Candor)
  • Established Leadership/Management skills (2+ years)
  • Positive attitude and ability to take command/defuse stressful situations
  • Must have specific experiences of making a tangible contribution to a company’s innovation
  • Effectively following all Sapper policies
  • Natural extension of the Sapper culture