Sapper Consulting is a lead generation company based in St. Louis. What we do is simple: we get our clients sales meetings. By identifying our clients’ ideal audience and writing unique email campaigns, we capture people’s attention and compel them to respond and set a sales call with our clients.On these calls, our clients make connections, increase the number of prospects in their pipeline, and ultimately grow their business.

What is it like to work at Sapper? Well, we’ve grown from 5 to 100 employees in about 5 years while becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the country (Inc. 500 list). Thrilling is probably a good word for it.

When it comes to developing yourself, supporting your team, and expanding the vision, we’re unrelenting. We move fast and break things. Change comes from everywhere within our organization because the “from-the-top-down” structure has never been our thing.

We have fun while going above and beyond to push ourselves and our clients, giving and taking constant feedback, and appreciating the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly.


We'd highly encourage you to take 5 minutes to learn more about the company and position by watching this video.

Client Success Managers are key in helping 16+ of our clients achieve their goals. In fact, your number one goal as a CSM is to deliver the number of meetings our clients pay for monthly. Everything you do in your role tees up to retaining your clients and delivering the number of expected monthly meetings. Your responsibilities will fall into three buckets: 1. maintaining positive client relationships, 2. collaborating with the team on email content and prospect targeting, and 3. managing an inbox account for each of your clients

What makes a great CSM?

  • Extreme ownership
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Default to grit
  • Time management / self management skills
  • Motivated to handle escalated client conversations head-on

The base salary for this position initially starts in the $40ks with many opportunities for increase based on the number of clients one is able to manage.