Sapper Consulting is a sales engagement company based in St. Louis. What we do is simple: we get our clients sales meetings. By identifying our clients’ ideal audience and writing unique email campaigns, we capture people’s attention and compel them to respond and set a sales call with our clients. On these calls, our clients make connections, increase the number of prospects in their pipeline, and ultimately grow their business.

What is it like to work at Sapper? Well, we’ve grown from 5 to 140+ employees in about 7 years while becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the country (Inc. 500 list). Thrilling is probably a good word for it.

When it comes to developing yourself, supporting your team, and expanding the vision, we’re unrelenting. We move fast and break things. Change comes from everywhere within our organization because the “from-the-top-down” structure has never been our thing.

We have fun while going above and beyond to push ourselves and our clients, giving and taking constant feedback, and appreciating the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly. Sapper is committed to creating inclusion and diversity across all levels of our organization. We continue to make great strides in building our hiring and promotional practices to reflect our value and commitment of celebrating diversity. Sapper strives to be a work environment where everyone can be their true authentic self.


We'd highly encourage you to take 5 minutes to learn more about the company and position by watching this video.

Client Success Managers are key in helping our clients achieve their goals. In fact, your number one goal as a CSM is to deliver the number of meetings our clients pay for monthly. Everything you do in your role tees up to retaining your clients and delivering the number of expected monthly meetings. Your responsibilities will fall into three buckets: 1. maintaining positive client relationships, 2. collaborating with the team on email content and prospect targeting, and 3. managing an inbox account for each of your clients


    Highly Optimistic

    This is how CSMs are expected to show up both internally and externally. This job requires creative solutions, consistent pivots, and regularly reworked plans, all which are impossible to achieve with a negative attitude.

    Strong Sense of Urgency

    CSMs are required to move fast. when it comes to making changes to campaigns, following up with clients on any information needed from them, and managing internal action items. Great CSMs are strong with their follow up. They know that every week that goes by where we do not hear from a client, or we delay in making changes for a campaign that isn’t producing, is time that we could have spent reworking to get results. With prospects, successful CSMs know that their goal is to get a meeting on the calendar - so they are efficient in their replies and consistent in their lead follow up.

    Skilled in Rapport Building

    Our most skilled CSMs build rapport both with their internal team and with their clients. Internally, we rely on one another to get our jobs done. Our teams have to stay scrappy to win. When rapport is built, moving faster is easier, giving feedback is easier, and we can be clearer with expectations. Externally, clients that have a good relationship with their CSM tend to stay longer. Great rapport with clients cannot and will not take the place of delivering on the promise (meetings), but it can buy you time when we hit a lull and need to rework the campaign. Good relationships with clients also encourages open, honest lines of communication with your client. We want to avoid being surprised by a client terminating their agreement or expressing dissatisfaction.

    Strategic Thinkers

    Successful CSMs are strategic in everything they do. From ensuring all campaign messaging is human, concise, compelling, and clearly speaking to the audience every time, to ensuring that we are being as specific as possible in how we segment a client’s audience, to being strategic in preparing for and facilitating client calls - strategic is the name of the game. Top performing CSMs are intentional and consistent in their lead nurturing. Great CSMs are critical thinkers. They strike a balance between wanting to know why things work the way they do, and working within the process that exists which we know produces results.

    Radically Candid

    For a CSM, being radically candid means that they care deeply about their team, but are also unafraid to challenge them directly by giving them feedback and holding a high bar for all client work produced. If content is written and it doesn’t quite speak to the audience, they give the feedback and ask for a rewrite. If a deadline isn’t met by a teammate, they don’t let it pass them by without following up with that teammate to see where things landed and how we can ensure the timeline is met next time. They don’t let things fester, because they know good, honest relationships with teammates will serve them personally as well as their clients in the results produced.

      The base salary for this position initially starts at $40,000 with many opportunities for increase based on the number of clients one is able to manage.