The CSM plays a key role in the success of Sapper. They work closely with our clients, helping them understand how Sapper works and the best ways to develop a successful partnership with the company.

In a real sense, they are the client’s coach, providing critical insight, encouragement, and data to help them increase their revenue and grow their business. The CSM serves as the primary liaison between clients and the internal Sapper team. They manage the onboarding process, execute the email campaign launch, and communicate with prospects on behalf of the client to set quality B2B sales calls. The ultimate goal is to fulfill the client meeting objectives in order to retain the client beyond their initial contract.


- Serve as the primary point of contact and sole project manager for up to 16 customers

- Work with clients in a diverse set of industries to help them achieve their lead generation objectives

- Manage all high-level aspects of a client account: weekly client communication, reporting outcomes (internally in weekly meetings and externally to clients)

- Daily responsibility for checking and managing the client inbox

- Provide feedback and guidance to the targeting, content, and operations teams regarding client performance

- Achieve a minimum client retention rate of 65% each quarter

- Work with sales team to extend client contracts beyond initial engagement

Position Competencies:

- Calm under pressure

- Adaptability

- Excellent oral and written communication skills

- Organization

- Time management