The Content Strategist plays a key role in the success of Sapper. They work closely with our clients and internal Sapper team, understanding the needs of our clients’ ideal customers and how to best execute email campaigns on behalf of our clients.

The Content Strategist serves as the primary content manager between freelancers, the internal Sapper team, and our clients. They work with freelancers to craft the email campaigns, as well as write and review the content themselves. The ultimate goal of the Content Strategist is to create successful cold emails that set quality B2B sales calls.


- Writing and editing email marketing content for clients in a diverse set of industries to help them achieve their marketing objectives

- Managing and communicating with freelancers via a cloud-based platform

- Data-driven analysis of email performance, targeting, strategy execution, and optimizing campaigns for future success

- Capable of quelling client concerns over the phone by displaying a mastery of the client’s business, Sapper’s content process, and how the two work together

Position Competencies:

- College Degree/Experience in English, Marketing, or a Writing-related field (preferred, but not necessary)

- Excellent writing, editing, proofreading, and communication skills

- Extremely organized and deadline-oriented

- Drive/Willingness to learn and be creative

- Project Mgt experience (preferred, but not necessary)